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The best conditions for a successful recruitment

After our first meeting with the hiring manager, we prepare a search strategy and start uncovering the entire market for the most suitable, often passive candidates. We use all sources, talk to informants, search for relevant companies, and make use of all the latest digital tools.

To create mobility, we initiate an individual dialogue with a personalized message. All candidates are different and when we tell the good stories about your company and the opportunity, it is always based on the individual candidate. From here we go in depth with the match, the position, the candidate etc.

Within 3-4 weeks, you will receive the best candidates, ready to be interviewed by you. All motivated, qualified and within the salary range. You thus get the best conditions to do what you are best at. At the same time, you save time and resources that you can spend on value-creating activities instead.

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With Shortlist you can focus on what you do best

Do you also experience HR challenges?

The candidate market has changed significantly in recent years. Today, we help many companies with their recruiting needs. With Shortlist you avoid challenges in recruitment such as:

Lack of qualified candidates and low quality in the field of applicants
Waste of time on administration and irrelevant candidates
Slow time-to-hire when advertising only attract active candidates
High costs for traditional recruitment agencies
Shortlist streamlines your recruitment

Shortlist will make sure to:

Find the best candidates for the position

Initiate individual dialogue and create interest

Tell the good stories about your firm

Ensure the right match and qualifications

Give yourself more time for interviews

Ensure to deliver a top qualified candidate field

We find, motivate and qualify 4-5 top candidates, who are delivered directly to your own recruitment

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We provide the right field pf applicants for your hiring process
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Shortlist handpicks the best candidates for your positions

Shortlist is for you if you want to

Get the best possible conditions for successful hiring process. Your success depends on getting qualified candidates into your own process. We are specialized in this. You should therefore choose Shortlist whenever you want:

Have a quick hiring process
Have more time for interviews and other value-creating activities
Have the best possible candidates into your own recruitment process
Keep ownership of the process and avoid the expensive traditional agencies
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