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Virksomhed: SOUNDBOKS

SOUNDBOKS is an emerging young audio tech company. You may have seen us at your favorite music festival, street party, in the Sahara Desert or on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. We build the loudest, most durable, and arguably the coolest Bluetooth speaker on the market.

Growth is not something we offer, it’s who we are. Learning is at the centre of everything, people will teach you what they know and the involvement is yours to take. We’re talking a real-time, on-the-job, experiential approach to learning, and it’s our ultimate goal that you leave the office everyday having learned something new.

With over 50 employees across Copenhagen, Los Angeles and China, SOUNDBOKS is equal parts seasoned professionals and passionate unconventionals. We’ve got an amazing thing going, and it’s only getting better.

The Digital Team at SOUNDBOKS is in charge of elevating the user experience of our digital platforms. We create a holistic environment that focuses on the consumer journey and optimizes the experience for anyone who engages with our mobile application and website.

As our Dev Ops Developer you will be joining a team of experienced programmers from all around the globe. We structure our days and weeks in adherence with the SCRUM framework and understand that flexible work hours and a result-oriented mindset is the best way to achieve success. 

You will be responsible for all internal architecture at SOUNDBOKS.

That means your daily life with us is going to look something like this:

Always strive to create a cost-effective, secure and scalable architecture. Our vision is that of Microservices Architecture, but we are a company that is always adapting and learning so we can be convinced otherwise. You should be comfortable with creating buy-in from the team to your proposed solutions solutions and educating your peers in the magic of Cloud architecture.

As our Cloud Architect, we also expect you to develop our Dev Ops processes, taking ownership of and maintaining the CI/CD flows for each project. As a result, your role includes creating the cloud architecture for our services, ensuring the needed security of any communication with said services, and creating standards for the deployment of each project.

We need you to strive towards learning and adapting to changes within the field. We always strive to produce state of the art solutions. A narrow mind is something we can not afford to include and while the architecture will be your main focus, we still expect you to be able to contribute with some coding when needed.


In order to thrive with these responsibilities successfully we expect you to have:

  • Having worked with the AWS cloud and internal architecture for at least 2+ years
  • Knowledge of AWS Cloud and general concepts as Containers (Docker + Kubernetes)
  • Knowledge of Cloud Functions/Lambdas, Microservices, Message passing systems (Ex: RabbitMQ)
  • Knowledge of CI/CD (Dev Ops) processes
  • Bonus: Knowledge of other alternatives to AWS (GCP, Azure).

Furthermore, you should be comfortable writing Typescript/Javascript as we prefer an architecture written as code (Ex: AWS CDK).

Intrigued? At SOUNDBOKS you’ll find yourself a part of a community. We realize that growth is a process and we don’t expect you to go through it alone. Actually, we guarantee that you won’t have to. We work together in order to work smarter, we inspire each other to be better, and we never forget that every member of the team is responsible for our success. 

So, if you’re tired of all of the noise in the job market, we’d love to hear from you. This may be the coolest job you ever have.

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SOUNDBOKS are 9 global teams spread across offices in Los Angeles and Copenhagen. Their backgrounds are wonderfully different. Yet, at the end of the day, tjey all get behind one shared objective: grow the company, and themselves along with it.

The key to understanding who SOUNDBOKS are lies in the journey of how they got here. SOUNDBOKS is founded by friends and the DIY culture is hardwired into their DNA. They walk their own path and have a history of learning through experiences. And yes. That is code for making mistakes. But they own those mistakes and the growth invoked in their people and their organisation is what inspires SOUNDBOKS to push forward.
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